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This was a larger project as the client approached us not only for a garden room that they could relax in but they also wanted to install their hot tub in a matching area. They were delighted with our initial ideas and we quickly got to work installing it with some brilliant results.

This client loved our round and square garden rooms and asked if we could create something similar to house their new hot tub. Of course we were happy to oblige and this gazebo was the result. The family cannot wait to relax within their new outdoor living area.

Just finished working on a square garden room. This is one of the first to have a distinctive clean white finish and is the perfect contrast to the black features already within our clients garden.

gar-den is proud to announce that there is now a round garden room on display at the Mid-Ulster Garden Centre. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or ask the staff in the centre for more information.