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Summer House, Garden Room NINI Gar-den Rooms recently complete a bespoke project for a client in Draperstown who required some additional space in the garden.  After a brief consultation with the client, NI Gar-den Rooms sketched out a plan of the Summer House with measurements and provided an outline of the materials and finishes they planned to use.

The first stage of construction took place at Gar-den Rooms NI factory, just outside Castledawson, before being transported to site for erection.

Stunning Summer House


The summer house was built 2.8m x 1.5m,  the exterior finished with textured plaster, PVC windows, guttering and black shingle hipped roof.  The room specification included fully insulated plaster board, drylining and interior painting, main electric supply connecting the Gar-den room to the dwelling, electric heating, lights, sockets and laminate flooring. The customer had a choice of finishes from the extensive range offered by NI Gar-den rooms.  The room now takes pride of place in the garden at the property in the scenic Sperrin Mountains of Draperstown, providing the family with additional space to relax, unwind and enjoy their beautifully landscaped garden.

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